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Best Seller สินค้าขายดี

(90% ใช้แล้วใช้ต่อ, 90% has continued)

Powder Cake UV : แป้งทาหน้าผสมรองพื้น +   สารกันแดด UV แปลก! , มีสีเดียว แต่ใช้แล้วสวยทุกสีผิว.

Herbal Facial Two way powder cake UV Florasure Powder’s Single Colour Makes All Skin Type Pretier

Net w. 16 g

Indication :ancient thai formula for complexion Treatment believe in herbs, contains Natural skin nutrition makes skin smooth, Soft and shiny covers freckles spf Helps protect against damaging uva Uvb rays and electric light. Contributes to More resilient and youthful looking skin. Ingeredients: essential oil of orchid, sunflower, Micronized, sercite, titanium dioxide Dimethcone, talcum, mica, vitamin e. Etc;

Florasure powder’s single colour makes All skin type prettier Retail price : 15 $

eye-cream-02ครีมบำรุงผิวเข้มข้นพิเศษ : ครีมบำรุงผิงเข้มข้นพิเศษ  ลดริ้วรอย ไม่ต้องพึ่งศัลยกรรม

Concentrate Herbal Facial Cream

Reduce the Appearance of Line and Wrinkles Compare the difference before and after use within 5 days Best seller

Net w. 10 g Indication : ancient thai formula for complexion Treatment believe in herbs, this concentrate herbal Facial cream will reduce the appearance Of line and wrinkles.making skin youthful Looking. Best for around eyes and wrinkles skin. Ingredients:essental oil of orchid, sunflower. Extract Palm, vitamin e, lanolin, turmeric etc; Retail price : 13 $

mark-01ผงขัดผิวหน้า : บำรุงผิวหน้า-ผิวกาย ให้นวลเนียน กระจ่างใส ช่วยขจัด เซลล์เก่าของผิว

Herbal Facial Scrub Powder

Good For Scrubing off Burning Skins and Reducing Freckles and Wrinckles.

Herbal facial scrub powder Compare the difference before and after use immediately Best of the best seller

Net.w 60 g Indication : ancient thai formula for complexion Treatment believe in herbs, good for Scrubing off burning skins on face Or even in the areas that need special Treatments such as throat, hands and Arems, use often for whitening and Reducing freckles and wrinkles. . Ingredients:various thai pollen orchid,lotus, jasmine, pikun, boonnark, Sarapea, turmeric, cassumunar, tamarind, camphor. Etc; Retail price : 7 $

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